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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ezine Suspended my Account

I have not used Ezine @rticles in a while but I have another endeavor I am exploring so got back to writing articles. I wrote said article at least a month ago and submitted to GoArticles, ArticleCat, and Article Directory ... and put it out there on DropJack. Well I had the brilliant idea to submit it the other day to Ezine @rticles. That went over like a lead balloon, this morning I open my email

“We would like to help you get this article approved but there is an issue which needs to be resolved first.

Your article does not adhere to the following
Editorial Guideline, Section 1.b.


We have found your article attributed to another author here:


We require that all submitted articles be either original articles written by you or articles to which you have an exclusive right to. Please keep in mind that to have an exclusive right to an article, only your name may be associated with it. If you purchased this article as part of a pack or received it from a distributor/affiliate site, so have others so you do not have an exclusive right to it.

Can you please explain the above? What is the source of your article?”

Well I politely respond to their kind email

Dear Support,
I'm sure you are doing your due diligence to protect writers from having their work stolen and used else where. I do appreciate that fact whole heartedly. But this article is mine I wrote it and published it on not only GoArticles under the pen name xxxxx, and also on ArticleCat and Article Directory. among other article directorys. My aim is to point as many articles to my web site www.xxxxxx.com which is located on XXX's servers. This is an commerce effort on my part if I am violating any rules or regulation I do apologizes. But I am just trying to make a living. If you need more verification that I am xxxxxx you can check out my blogs
Thank you

Hopefully they will fix this issue as soon as possible next time I will know better and submit it to them first then submit it to other directories.

I don't know if article writing helps but I am writing has any one else had good or bad experiences?


Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day! http://carlos-ideas.blogspot.com

Don Reed said...

I had a similar situation with Ezine this week, only this time they didn't allow a link I put in my resourse box. I thought you could have two as long as you kept it in the resourse box and not the article body. I re-submitted and am awaiting approval. This has been a two week process now for one article.