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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Viral Marketing does it work? 6 min of your time

As the top of my blog states, TRUST NO ONE, not even me.

But, with that in mind this blog has taken a minor deviation for a while .. I will still be trying to help the consumer not to get bitten by the seller. But until I can get a bit more traffic I am going to try some different things.
FreeViral Marketing
This is Free .. yes free but, I don’t know if it works yet. You be the judge. The catch is some junk email you will receive. If you can handle (what they say) once a week advertisement in you inbox then try this it takes 5 min. of your time and you have to see 6 web sites (you can sign up for a free hotmail acct just for this if you want). I have surfed 1000 times that with TrafficSwarm and LinkRefferal. So I have nothing to lose here.

Try the link and tell me what you think never know it might work.

FreeViral Marketing


Jason Liew said...

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to u and ur loved ones! Guess what? After our previous exchange link, I've created another new blog. Let me know if u're interested to exchange once more. Hope u have a great blogging year.

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Anonymous said...

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