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Friday, October 31, 2008

Rebuilt Title / Salvage Title Q and A

I'm looking to get my first car soon and I’ve had my eye on a Scion TC. I found one for around $8,000. I called the person and asked if it had a rebuild title and it does. Everyone I’ve found on auto trader for this price range are rebuild titles..... Anyway, from what i understand a rebuild title means the car was totaled and then put back together. So while i was talking to the guy he said all that damage that happened was on the front bumper and lights.... Does that sound sort of iffy like he might be trying to scam me into buying a POS car? Thanks for the help.

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Hi, Rebuilt

It is always possible that an insurance company would total out a car if the estimates for repair exceed the acv (actual cash value) of the car by the insurance companies standards. Some of them go by Kelly Blue Book, Nada, Black Book, and some have even created there own valuation system. But with that said … if you really want that one.. take it to a mechanic, and then take it to a body shop and have them check the frame.. Just remember you will not be able to ever get full coverage insurance on this car either .. so that is something to think about to.

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