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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lemon Law is my Vehicle covered

There is confusion on this issue as much as AS-IS, does the Lemon Law cover my vehicle.

Well, your vehicle is covered under the Colorado’s Lemon Law if and only if it fits all categories below taken straight out of lemon law pdf file on Colorado State Revenue Site:

1.) Colorado’s Lemon Law covers only NEW and self-propelled vehicles, including pickups and vans.
2.) Under the law, a “reasonable number of attempts” to repair a defect applies when the same defect remains after it has been subject to repair four (4) or more times within the first year after the date of original delivery.
3.) Also applies when the vehicle is out of service for repairs for a cumulative total of thirty (30) or more business days during the warranty term or one year after original delivery, which ever comes first.

There is more to this document and you can read the whole thing at the link above. But there are many stipulations that come with this. First of which, NEW vehicles are only covered under the law. If you purchase a used vehicle from a dealer or private party the Lemon Law will not cover you. Some consumers consistently have the misconception that all they have to do is threaten Lemon Law and they will get a replacement vehicle, this is utterly not true. Even under the law “This Does not mean that the manufacturer will automatically replace the vehicle or refund money.”

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Note to Buyer, make sure you know what you are getting in when purchasing a vehicle be it New or Used. Do not let buyers remorse get in the way of what the Laws are that protect you and the dealer. When purchasing anything research, research, and when you think you have enough information do some more research. And never let your emotions get involved when buying something.

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