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Friday, October 31, 2008

Purchasing a car from a private seller Q & A

Hello from Orlando, FL,
This is my first post here. Just discovered you. So I'm happy to be here.

Times are tough here for us, so I'm staying up late trying to find a way to get a car loan for a used car from an individual.

Thanks and God bless,

Dear Anonymous,
Times are difficult for a lot of folks right now (including my self) so I can empathize. With that being said, have you tried approaching your bank where you have your checking and savings? If you have had a long standing relationship with them it is a possibility they will extend you the loan you are looking for. You could have the private seller draft a personal buyers order showing the cost of the vehicle, miles, vin, and accessories. The only problem I would foresee in this adventure would be the loan value the bank is willing to lend could be less than the seller would be willing to take. But hey it may be worth a try, Or you could click the link below and see if these folks can help

Bad Credit or No Credit We can

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